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Small menstrual cup - Deciphering the Mini Claricup

The Mini Claricup is part of our menstrual cup range. It is the smallest size. We have made it smaller so it’s easier to use, especially for the first periods. Claricup comes in 4 sizes.




Menstrual cups are a healthy and responsible alternative to the massive use of tampons and sanitary towels. The advantage of the Mini Claricup is that it comes with a transport and disinfection box. A small box black that lets you transport it discreetly when you're not at home, but also disinfect it in the microwave. 

Claricup Analysis



The rim of the Mini Claricup, which is located at the top of the cup, will prevent leaks. It’s what will create a seal with the vaginal wall.




The Mini Claricup has six holes that make it possible to release the seal during removal of the menstrual cup.



The capacity of the Mini Claricup is 13.7 ml. Despite its small size, its capacity is sufficient for normal flow and can collect blood for up to 6 hours.


The reinforced base of the Claricup has been designed to easily remove the cup. To remove it, you need to pinch the base to release the seal. Then gently pull on the base of the cup to remove it.



The stem serves as a guide to find the base of the menstrual cup when removing it.



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