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FAQ - Your frequently asked questions on the menstrual cup

We answer all the questions that can be asked about the menstrual cup. If you have others, do not hesitate to contact us.

How old do I need to be to wear a cup?

You can wear one as soon your periods begin :) 

Which size should I choose?

We recommend choosing the size according to your flow.
Very light flow = Size 0

Light to normal flow = Size 1

Heavy flow = Size 2

Very heavy flow = Size 3

Size 0 is also recommended for young girls, especially for their first periods.

Is inserting the Claricup painful?

The Claricup is inserted like a tampon. Don't be scared! If you fold it correctly, you will have no trouble inserting it. If you suffer from vaginal dryness, we recommend you moisten it with water.

Can I use a lubricant to facilitate insertion?

You can moisten the Claricup with water or else insert your cup in the shower. Claricup is made of medical-grade silicone, which is a porous material that can retain components of the lubricant that you may not want to have prolonged contact with your vaginal mucosa. We advise against the use of silicone or oil-based lubricants.

How long can I wear my menstrual cup?

You can wear the Claricup for up to 6 hours. After 6 hours, some may bacteria grow inside the vagina.

We have performed tests to prove that this wearing time ensures you maximum safety.

And can I wear my cup at night?

The recommended wearing time is 6 hours. So, if you only sleep for 6 hours, you can wear it. Otherwise, we recommend you use a sanitary towel.

How do I clean my cup?

Cleaning the menstrual cup with water is not enough. To remove all traces of blood, you must perform a mechanical action and, therefore, rub your menstrual cup with a mild cleanser. Silicone is a porous material. This means that by using an unsuitable cleanser, the components in your cleanser (dyes, fragrances, endocrine disruptors, etc.) may leave residue on the surface of your menstrual cup which then remains in prolonged contact with your vaginal mucosa.

That's why we created Clarigyna intimate cleansing gel, which respects your vaginal flora and can also clean your menstrual cup. It doesn’t contain alcohol, fragrance, dyes or parabens, and our formula is as neutral as possible.

How often should I disinfect my cup?

At each use. Before each insertion, it is important to disinfect your cup to remove all possible bacteria.

Can I cut my cup’s stem?

If your cup’s stem bothers you, you can absolutely cut it. If it doesn't bother you and you feel it's comfortable, you don’t need to cut.
If necessary, remove your cup and then cut the stem on a flat surface with a pair of clean scissors.

Can I exercise with my menstrual cup?

Of course! You can swim, dance, do yoga, run, in short, you can do whatever you want!

Can I urinate with my cup?

Yes, absolutely. It's not the same orifice, so you can urinate when you need to, without having to remove your cup.


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