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First Period - All you need to know with Claripharm

Your first period
A woman's life is made of cycles. The first period occurs during puberty, a sign of entry in the fertility cycle. It’s a natural phenomenon that will accompany you every month, until you are no longer fertile. Read more
What is the Mini Claricup ?
The Mini Claricup is part of our menstrual cup range. It is the smallest size. We have made it smaller so it’s easier to use, especially for the first periods. Claricup comes in 4 sizes. Read more
Can I use a menstrual cup if I’m a virgin?
There is no contraindication to wearing a menstrual cup when you are a virgin.
However, a menstrual cup may seem imposing for a first insertion into the vagina. Read more
How do you use the Claricup menstrual cup ?
To easily use the menstrual cup, quickly and effortlessly, it will probably take you one to two cycles to get used to your cup. It's normal to be a little apprehensive the first few times, but don't worry, you'll quickly get the hang of it. Read more
Menstrual cup FAQ
We answer all the questions that can be asked about the menstrual cup. If you have others, do not hesitate to contact us. Read more
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