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Why should we use Claricare?

When you have a wounds, scars or sutures in an intimate area, it can be painful :

  • to move from a reclined position into an upright position
  • to sit down at the dinner table
  • to sit and nurse a newborn or even simply hold your baby in your arms
  • when sanitary protection products or clothes rub against your intimate wounds or sutures. 


Claricare ™ has been designed to relieve these painful and unpleasant pain. 
Thanks to its ergonomics, wounds and sutures are placed away from clothing and seat (chair, armchair, sofa, bed ...). 


Claricare ™ is the first flexible flexible shell for intimate comfort. This patented medical device, CE marked and manufactured in France, provides protection for wounds and sutures in intimate areas after :


• Lacerations and/or an episiotomy following childbirth
• Vulvar or anal galling following childbirth
• Haemorrhoids
• Hematomas to intimate areas following childbirth
• Coccyx dislocation
• Perineal, vulvar or anal condylomas
• Bartholinitis
• Intimate cosmetic surgery (labiaplasty, etc.)
• Abscess of the anus
• Vaginal prolapse
• Rectal prolapse
• Anal fi ssures
• Amputation of the rectum.





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