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Why have 2 menstrual cups?

Most of us use the menstrual cup because it is reusable and therefore very practical. While still being practical (and ecological and great value!), we recommend that you have 2 menstrual cups for a more hygienic approach…


You start the day with one cup inserted. You keep a clean cup in its box, which you take out with you for the day, and after 6 hours you can swap it with the one you've got in. 

As you may already know, we carried out our own test on the insertion time of the menstrual cup. As a precaution and for your health, we recommend a maximum insertion time of 6 hours.

Hygiene measures to be respected

6 hours? We know you'll say that it's not very practical to change it. Especially when you're travelling, at work, or just out of the house. And we know this, because, yes, at Claripharm we were the first users of our own products.


As we all know, the cup is reusable, but reusing it requires looking after it in a hygienic way. Cleaning with water is not enough to clean your cup, instead a cleaning routine is required(cleaning + disinfection before each use).

Cleaning and disinfection every time? You're probably thinking that we don't really care about you ... It's already a hassle to change your cup every 6 hours, and then you have to disinfect it too?

This is where the DuoPack becomes interesting.  Thanks to your 2 cups, you can easily be out and about for 12 hours, inter-changing them during the day. Once you arrive in a suitable place, for example at night when you get back home, you can clean and disinfect your 2 cups. 

For discretion, we deliberately didn't select a brightly-coloured transport and disinfection box! The Claribox is understated, neutral and black in colour. Nobody would suspect that you are walking around with your used cup inside it. And let's just say that carrying it is much easier in this box than in a fabric bag.


Most users have only one cup. Having just one cup would mean that you would have to find a place with a sink to quickly clean your cup after 6 hours of wearing ... AND disinfect it. Not easy... And how do you clean your cup? With water? With toilet paper? No, that wouldn't be hygienic. How do you disinfect it? Almost impossible.

Why 6 hours?

Because after 6 hours, nasty bacteria can develop in your vagina and cause infections, or even Toxic Shock Syndrome. The risk is rare, but it is present. As a result, we carried out our test and this now enables us to ensure a fully safe insertion time of 6 hours. If you want to find out more about toxic shock syndrome, click here.

Your health is a priority

Because we know how important it is for our health to have these 2 menstrual cups, we are offering the DuoPack at a special price. The DuoPack is priced at €36, while the single cup is priced at €26!


And now you know how to make your life even easier, or at least, your periods.

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