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Size Guide : A cup size for each women 

Women are different and so are their vaginas. You often ask us: what cup size do we choose?

Knowing your garment size is hard enough already so what more with your cup?

But finding the right cup size is the beginning of a great story.



A story of flow

Many factors can help you, such as having children, being a young woman, or being athletic. But the most relevant indicator is your menstrual flow because each woman is different and knowing the size of every woman's vagina would be difficult.





Very Light Flow

Equivalent of 1 regular tampon


Capacity : 13.7 ml


cup length : 71 mm


cup length without the stem​ : 44 mm


Diameter of the cup36 mm

Light to normal flow 

Equivalent of 1 super absorbent tampon


Capacity : 20.2 ml


cup length : 74 mm


cup length without the stem​ : 47 mm


Diameter of the cup41 mm

Heavy flow

Equivalent of 1,5 super absorbent tampon


Capacity : 29.5 ml


cup length : 74 mm


cup length without the stem​ : 52 mm


Diameter of the cup46 mm

Very heavy flow

Equivalent of 2 super absorbent tampons


Capacity : 36 ml


cup length : 74 mm


cup length without the stem​ : 52 mm


Diameter of the cup​ : 51 mm


A question arises: how do I quantify my menstrual flow ? How do I know if my blood flow is light or normal ?

To help you with this, refer to what you are currently using.
If you use a tampon or a super absorbent sanitary napkin which you change every 2 hours, this means you have a very heavy menstrual flow. Sometimes, some women insert 2 tampons at the same time (yes you read that correctly), which is of course contraindicated. In this case, we can speak of a very heavy menstrual flow as well.
It is considered that a woman has a very heavy menstrual flow when she loses more than 80ml per menstrual period. But that you can only quantify after deciding to use the cup :)
If you use super-absorbent tampons or sanitary napkins and need to change them at the mentioned rate without any leaking, you have a heavy menstrual flow.
Know that it is perfectly normal to have a heavier flow during the first 2-3 days of menstruation, but if the rest of the flow remains normal with the use of napkins or regular absorbent tampons, then this is considered a light to normal menstrual flow.

Despite all that, each one of us is different 

It may be that despite our guidelines, choosing your cup size may not be that easy :
Once you have determined your menstrual flow, other indicators can help you.




We are all different, and so are our vaginas !

How can we be sure that we have chosen the correct size ? 

No leaks 

With a suitable cup size, you should not have any leaks. If you have leaks however, there can be two reasons :

  • cup is incorrectly positioned

In this case we invite you to read our article on the use of the menstrual cuphere.

  • Wrong size.

A leak then occurs because the sealing effect is not achieved.

This is either because the cup is too small and does not adhere to the vaginal walls, so you need to think of the next higher cup size.
How do you know if you need to choose the bigger or smaller size? It's very simple: once your current cup is inserted, grab the base and try to turn the cup on it. If it turns and you're still having leaks: it means it unfolds, and is therefore too small. If it does not turn: it does not unfold well, and therefore is too big.

No sensation of discomfort 

A cup that is properly inserted and positioned should not make you feel it is there. This is one of the numerous benefits of the cup: we forget that we are menstruating!

So that the cup is well positioned and that the suction effect functions properly, it is imperative that the cup is well placed. The brief test mentioned above will help you know if this is the case. You will feel it.

As a reminder, the menstrual cup is worn at the vagina's point of entry, and sits at a low position, not as high as inserting tampons.

If the cup is not working in your vagina, it is simply because it isn't placed correctly. It is too big, so you have to think of getting the next smaller size.



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