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Intimate irritation during your period


Intimate itching is very common and there are several kinds of itching, but there is also the kind that can occur during your period. Intimate irritation is already not great, but during your period it's even worse. Especially seeing as during your period the vaginal flora is more sensitive and more prone to the risk of bacterial infection. So how can you avoid it? Where does this itching come from? The Claripharm Team has plenty of solutions.


Be careful how oftern you wash down there

Despite the fact that the blood from our periods is part of us and totally natural, many of us want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. We tend to want to wash ourselves more often just to feel cleaner and prevent odours. (and we totally understand) Generally speaking women wash more regularly during their periods. But is this really good for our private parts?


Gynaecologists recommend no more than 2 showers a day. Any more than that and the body stops lubricating enough to protect your private parts. Because yes, the vagina is quite magical, it is self cleaning! So there's no need to clean it inside and certainly no vaginal douching! Vaginal douching disturbs the flora thus creating imbalance and infections. Once again, let nature take care of it, the vagina cleans itself so let it do the work.

Our sanitary protection might have something to do with it 

In the majority of cases, intimate itching is due to sanitary protection unsuitable for our vaginal mucous membrane or our vulva which are both very sensitive. Although unpleasant, this itching is fortunately not serious in the vast majority of cases.


The materials in sanitary towels and panty liners cause discomfort, then an irresistible urge to scratch in some women. This is what we call vulval itching. 30% of women are allergic to disposable sanitary towels. While we talk about vulval itching there is also vulval eczema. And that is a bit more complicated. With vulval itching, normally it is enough to remove your sanitary protection to stop the discomfort, but if the eczema is persistent, you should consider seeing your health care professional and get some treatment.


As well as vulval irritation you might notice some vaginal irritation. This can be caused by tampons. Tampons actually dry out the vaginal mucous membranes excessively which can cause microlesions and scratch you. So why insert moisture draining fibres in your vagina?

Why is the menstrual cup still the best alternative to avoid intimate irritation during your period?

  • The cup has been tested.

We have carried out biocompatibility testing on the Claricup menstrual cup. What does biocompatibility mean? We tested the silicone in our menstrual cup to make sure it is non-cytotoxic, non-sensitising and non-irritating. These tests are not compulsory, but let’s be honest, being the first people to use our products, we felt it our duty, to do them for ourselves, but also for you, because we are experts in our field: intimate feminine hygiene. As well as doing these tests beforehand, we also did them after manufacturing the Claricup, to make sure that it was not contaminated during production.


  • A totally soft and non-absorbent surface

The Claricup menstrual cup is made from biocompatible and antimicrobial medical silicone. It is totally soft with a peach skin feel. Unlike tampon fibres, the menstrual cup does not dry out vaginal walls and does not cause irritation.


  • This is what our customers tell us :)

“Very pleasant. Before Claripharm I had other cups but this one is by far the best that I have tried. No leaks and no irritation. You can even feel the difference when you touch it.”

“I have a very light menstrual flow and the cup is much less irritating because there is no more dryness caused by tampons.”


Another little bit of advice 

It might seem obvious, but reminders are always welcome :)
With your cup, it is better to wear cotton pants, which will respect our privacy. Cotton helps to avoid irritation and protects the vagina.


If you find that your itching persists when your period stops, then it is probably another type of irritation (allergy, crabs, yeast infection etc.). You can read our article on this topic here.


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