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Menstrual cup : How to remove it ? Instructions

It is important that you wash your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing your Claricup.

The first thing to do when you remove your cup is to relax and, above all, not get stressed or your pelvic muscles may contract.

We suggest you practice in the shower. This way you will have more room to move. Afterwards, you will be able to easily remove it while on the toilet.

If you don’t get it right the first time you try and if it goes up a bit high, don’t panic! Take a deep breath and push your pelvic muscles to make it go down, like when you go to the toilet.


Then pinch the base of your Claricup to release the suction effect and slowly remove it. Be careful! Never pull on the stem or you risk hurting yourself! The stem can guide you. Once the suction is released, you can gently remove the cup and lightly pull on the stem.

You can then empty it in the toilet or shower, and then rinse it.


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