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Which folding method for my menstrual cup ? Instructions

A menstrual cup can seem imposing and, therefore, difficult to insert. But it is not difficult or painful to insert the Claricup. With a little practice, you will be able to do it easily and fast; however, it will take you a few cycles to really get the hang of it.

It is important that you wash your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing your Claricup.


Here are our folding tips that will allow you to insert your Claricup more easily. Each one of us is different. Practice and choose the one that suits you best.


Flatten the Claricup and fold it in half

Punch-down fold:

Fold one edge of the Claricup to push it inside and, in this way, form a point that will facilitate insertion.





Once the cup is inserted, check the suction effect of the Claricup™ menstrual cup in your vagina in two movements:

  • Move a finger around the Claricup™ menstrual cup to make sure it has properly opened in your vagina.
  • Squeeze the base of the Claricup™ menstrual cup to rotate it in your vagina

The stem of the menstrual cup can prove to be bothersome for some women. In this case, you can cut it so that it doesn’t bother you any more. Generally, this small amount of pain is due to the fact that the stem rubs against the walls of the vagina.

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