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#SaveAVampire - ClariCup™


The 1st flexible-shell intimate protection system

Claricare™ soothes discomfort and pain associated with vaginal, perineal and anal wounds and sutures: lacerations, episiotomy, haemorrhoids, nymphoplasty...​

Claripharm™ and women

The birth of a major advance
Because no solution previously existed to provide women with relief from extremely unpleasant intimate pains following childbirth or intimate surgery, with a group of surgeons Clarisse Le Court created Claricare™ and a whole product line dedicated to intimate comfort.
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An innovative range of intimate-comfort care products and solutions.
The Claripharm™ range of products offers enhanced intimate comfort following childbirth or intimate gynaecological, urological, proctological or aesthetic surgery.

The Shop

Discover the care product range

The online boutique enables you to order the products you need from the Claripharm™ range.


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