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Coque souple de protection

Patented medical device

Claricare™ is a flexible shell for the comfort and protection of intimate areas, made of biocompatible medical-grade silicone. Its ergonomic design creates a space between wounds and sutures and seating surfaces (chairs, armchair, sofa, bed etc.).

Claricare™ comes in its own carrying box.

"With Claricare™, I can now sit down without my clothes rubbing against my sutures in intimate areas". User review: click here

One size fits all

Claricare™ is suitable for all types of feminine morphology.

60,00 €

Why should I use Claricare™, a patented medical device?

When you have wounds or sutures in intimate areas, it can be painful to move from a reclined position into an upright position. It can be painful to sit down at the dinner table. It can be painful to sit and nurse a newborn or even simply hold your baby in your arms. It can be painful when sanitary protection products or clothes rub against your intimate wounds or sutures. Claricare™ was developed to relieve this type of unpleasant and annoying pain.

Its ergonomic design creates a space between wounds or sutures and clothing or seating surfaces (chairs, armchair, sofa, bed etc.).


When to use Claricare™?

Claricare™ can be used throughout the healing process for wounds and sutures in intimate areas.
Use Claricare™ if you experience any pressure on your wounds and sutures during daily activities:

  • When getting out of bed
  • When seated at the table for meals
  • While nursing
  • While seated on a sofa, in an armchair or dining chair etc.
  • In the car
  • To keep sanitary pads or clothes from rubbing


How do I use Claricare™?

Place your Claricare™ in direct contact with your skin. The wider, padded area should be positioned towards the back along each side of the anus. The narrow strip should extend towards the pubic bone. Place your Claricare™ as far forward as possible. Move it around a little to ensure comfort and stability while sitting down.


Place your sanitary protection between your Claricare™ and your underwear: it is important to wear comfortable, loose-fitting underwear. Your underwear will hold the Claricare™ in place.


Recommendation: for your comfort, wear trousers or leggings to help hold your Claricare™ in placeThe holes in the surface of the Claricare™ allow discharge (lochia, blood etc.) to pass through and be absorbed by your sanitary pad.


Tip: Claricare™ can be placed in the freezer inside its box, the cold temperature may relieve pain.


How do I clean and care for my Claricare?

It is important to always keep your Claricare™ clean.

  • Clean your Claricare™ regularly with Clarigyna™ intimate cleanser or a gentle soap. Never use petroleum products (Vaseline), essential oils, corrosive cleaners, perfumed soaps or washing-up liquid to clean your Claricare™.
  • Rinse your Claricare™ thoroughly with clean water.
  • Decontaminate your Claricare™ morning and night while you are using it : plunge your Claricare™ into a pan of boiling water for 7 minutes.
  • Your Claricare™ is now decontaminated. Wait for your Claricare™ to cool before use to avoid the risk of burns or tearing the silicone.
  • After cleaning, dry your Claricare™ thoroughly with a clean cloth to prevent odours. Store it in its box until your next use.




When is Claricare™ indicated?

Claricare™ provides protection for wounds and sutures in intimate areas following:

  • Lacerations and/or an episiotomy following childbirth. To read a user review, click here
  • Vulvar or anal galling following childbirth
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Haematomas on intimate areas following childbirth
  • Coccyx dislocation
  • Perineal, vulvar or anal condylomas
  • Bartholinitis. To read a user review, click here
  • Intimate cosmetic surgery (nymphoplasty, labiaplasty etc.). To read a user review, click here
  • Abscess of the anus
  • Vaginal prolapse
  • Anal prolapse
  • Anal fissures
  • Amputation of the rectum etc.

With Claricare™, why can I now sit down even though I have wounds and/or sutures in intimate areas?

Claricare™ was created by a woman, for women!

  • Claricare™ prevents sanitary pads or clothing from rubbing wounds or sutures
  • Claricare™ significantly reduces pressure on wounds and sutures while sitting down
  • Claricare™ is a patented medical device, governed by the current regulations on medical devices
  • Claricare™ is CE marked
  • Claricare™ is made of biocompatible medical-grade silicone
  • Claricare™ has been designed by surgeons
  • Claricare™ is perfectly adapted to the vaginal morphology of women
  • Claricare™ is reusable
  • Claricare™ is discreet
  • Claricare™ really works