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Story of Claripharm

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Thu, 09/01/2014 - 13:53 - ClariPharm

There once was a woman...

The birth of a major advance

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most intense and beautiful moments in a woman's life. At the birth of her daughter Gilda, Clarisse Le Court, founder of Claripharm™, felt indescribable happiness but at the same time encountered, like thousands of other women, the intimate discomfort and pain experienced post-delivery. She found that nothing, or very little, was offered to her in the way of relief.

Birth of Claricare™

What could be done to offer women more intimate comfort after giving birth? How could their well-being be improved? Clarisse Le Court was determined to find innovative and effective answers to all these questions. Having been a Key Account Manager at a large laboratory specialising in medical devices, she created the Claripharm™ brand with the aim of developing a product line for the relief of post-delivery intimate discomfort but also suitable for all intimate gynaecological, urological, proctological or aesthetic surgery. First of all, alongside a group of surgeons, she designed a flexible shell for intimate protection conforming to the vaginal morphology of women: Claricare™.

This was a massive step forward in the treatment of pain following surgery on intimate areas.

Clarisse Le Court rounded off the extraordinary innovation of Claricare™ with a whole product line dedicated to intimate comfort and care.